The Advice – April 2017

Consulting is not just for the big end of the market. What if you could play at being a consultant in your current role? Here is how to become an internal consultant and increase your value to the business—and your future career.

Kick-Start Your – January 2017

A solid understanding of the PMO position and purpose will provide you with the insight needed to articulate specific, business-oriented goals and objectives. Learn how to take your PMO from entry-level basics to all-star performer.

Right-Source Your – July 2016

For more than 20 years, the idea of outsourcing work to low-cost countries has been the project manager’s go-to option for extra resources. That’s no longer so. We now need to make more complex resourcing decisions that may ultimately give PMs greater flexibility.

Hybrid Methods for High-Tech
– May 2016

New technology projects carry a high degree of uncertainty. Agile promises to manage uncertainty. Does this make for a natural match? Or are there more factors that influence the project manager’s chosen approach to a new project?

How to Survive Stress and – January 2016

Projects are a pressure cooker. When life gets in the way, how can you stay calm enough to deliver your first projects like a seasoned professional?

Notes from a Change Survivor, AIPM Project Manager Magazine – December 2015

Mergers,divestments, acquisitions, downsizes… Learn how to survive and thrive in an atmosphere of constant change

 Corporate Culture – September 2015

Corporate culture is the sum of values and behaviours that make up the character of an organization. It exists independent of your company’s vision and strategy as “the way we do things here.” How does this culture drive talent management in your organization, and what can you do about it?

How to Succeed at Going – April 2015

Green projects face unique challenges, and “green” means many things within a project context. Here is how applying a few project management practices to your green project can help.

3 Trends that PMs Should –  December 2014

Trends today in automation, aging populations and the fundamental interconnection of people and things point to certain outcomes being
possible, some say even likely. Here are three trends we are likely to see over the next two decades.

Upward – September 2014

If you want to work with your senior stakeholders, you need to know and understand them. How well do you know yours? Read on for some tips on the art of managing senior stakeholders to ensure that they buy in to your project.

Carbon Abatement Projects, Australian Institute of Project Management National Conference – October 2012

Are carbon abatement projects a brave new world? Or just another program delivery challenge?