Mastering Plot Structure in Genre Fiction

Genre novels depend on plot structure to keep the reader glued to the page. Mastering plot can be one of the most challenging aspect of a story. This three-hour workshop will teach you how to structure your novel with a riveting plot that calls to the readers feelings. We will examine the available options that bring depth and colour to your story, find out how to continually increase the readers excitement, and how to bring this all to a satisfying ending.

Attendees will learn:

  • The key elements in every successful plot
  • Common plot structures and how genre authors use them
  • How to use plot structure to bring depth your genre characters
  • Using the internal structure of each scene to drive your plot forward
  • Building structure that winds the tension up to an epic story climax
  • How to use plot devices to add life to flat story lines
  • Choosing genre tropes that work

This workshop is given in person, only. For details, contact Carleton through the Contact page.