The Hills of the Moon

The Hills of the Moon

All Jonah Barnes wants when he arrives on the Moon, is to stay out of trouble

Jonah Barnes didn’t think he’d end up on the Moon with no job and his brother’s ashes in his hand luggage. Chang’e lunar base couldn’t care less about its newest arrival and that suits Jonah fine. All he wants is to escape his dark past and start a new life mining Helium, until a chance meeting in a bar sweeps him into the raging undercurrent of the Moon's racial tensions and politics.

Now, Jonah is on the run and wanted for murder. With his new friend Lucien, he must grope his way through the pitch-black tunnels of abandoned mines to reach the oppressed Moon Folk’s secret colony. When he gets there, Jonah must fight to overcome his past if he is to have any chance of saving his new friends from a madman who will stop at nothing to enslave the people of the Moon and seize control of the incredible wealth that comes from supplying the world with energy.

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About the Book

Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780648162902
Carleton Chinner's first novel, The Hills of Mare Imbrium, is rife with powerful, gripping imagery
– Reader's Favorite
A fast-paced action story that forces readers to look at their own freedoms, and to imagine a world where these rights do not exist "Carleton Chinner's first novel, The Hills of Mare Imbrium, is rife with powerful, gripping imagery" - Reader's Favorite.
– Andromeda Spaceways Magazine
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