Carleton Chinner

Carleton Chinner is the author of the Cities of the Moon series of science fiction novels. His work has been long-listed for the Adaptable award. He is a reviewer for the Aussie Speculative Fiction Review and is Secretary of the Management Committee for the Queensland Writers Centre.

Carleton is an Australian born writer who grew up on a remote farm in South Africa, where the trip to the town library was the highlight of his week. He devoured anything science fiction, fantasy and horror. And, when that wasn’t enough, turned to urban legend and traditional tribal histories which combined to provide a heady brew of stories.
He settled in Australia as an adult but not before turning up unarmed at a gunfight, discovering dead bodies and fighting off sharks while spearfishing.

Plato Crater

Plato Crater

Yesha Chen, Empress of the Moon, thought it was hard to lead a rebellion. Now she must subdue one, but her stolen battle droids have other ideas. To survive, she must choose between the man she loves and the woman she has to become before it is too late.

Every government on Earth will stop at nothing to seize control of the Moon’s lucrative energy supply. Yesha knows she is all that stands between the Moon Folk and a return to slavery. Her people are restless, the Europeans are setting up a base at Plato Crater, and her trusted council may be less than faithful. When Jonah, the love of her life, returns with a deal she cannot possibly accept without sacrificing herself or her people, Yesha knows she has to make decisions that will change life on the Moon forever.

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