Carleton Chinner
I’m an Australian born writer who grew up on a farm in South Africa, where urban legend and traditional oral histories combined to provide a heady brew of stories. I settled in Australia as an adult but not before I had turned up unarmed at a gunfight, discovered dead bodies and fought off sharks while spearfishing. When not slaving over a novel, I manage corporate IT programs.


Live Reading in July

So excited to be sharing the stage with the incredibly talented Ashley Hay and Joi May at Wild Readings on Tuesday the 16th of July. I’ll be reading a scene from this exciting story. 7pm Mu’ooz Eritrean Restaurant & Catering 54 Mollison Street West End, West End 4101

Plato Crater is Coming

The sequel to the Hills of Mare Imbrium is getting closer. Beta readers are giving me their views on Jonah, Yesha, and my brand new character Holly. Plato Crater extends the story and takes it in twisty new directions. I even have a working blurb: Jonah never expected to be back in Houston after his …

Local Author

 Another advantage of having a paperback available is that you can get  listed in the library system