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When Jonah arrives on the Moon, he isn’t expecting much. All he wants is to stay out of trouble and start a new life working on the Helium mine at Chang’e Base. He doesn’t expect to be swept into the raging undercurrent of the Moon’s racial tensions and politics.
Yesha is desperate to escape her domineering uncle. In a moment of rebellion, she agrees to have dinner with Jonah and his friend. A simple decision that will change her entire life and set her on a collision course with her uncle.
Unknown to either of them, the head of security, Wang Mei, has plans to enslave the people of the Moon and seize control of the incredible wealth that comes from supplying the world with energy.
Their lives collide in a perfect storm where no one is safe and freedom is the ultimate prize.
Characters from these Flash Fiction stories burst out of the page demanding attention, some will make you shiver, a few will bring a smile, others give pause to reminisce and pull heart strings; but all will leave an impression. Enjoy the pick of 2016’s (Inter)National Flash Fiction Day – Flash Fiction stories with a twist.
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